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I'll be adding the following things to the site:

1)  The audio files for more more birds as I collect them.  (I'm currently missing a couple of types of owls, and recordings for the Western Bluebird, Hermit Thrush, and American Goldfinch.  (As a reminder, I'm NOT trying to make this a website of ALL of Humboldt's birds, just the more common ones that we hear as we hike around or hang out in our yards.  If you know of more birds that you feel that I should add, contact me!)


2)  Improved audio files, as I collect them, for birds already represented.


3)  Some birds have more than one song and/or call.  I'll be adding them as I collect them.

4)  If there's interest, I can add a page where I post YOUR bird recordings that you find awesome or interesting (see the "ADVICE" page on how to make good recordings with your phone).

5)  Photos of the birds!  Thanks ahead of time to ace photographer Ian Gledhill!


6)  And...a page of other, non-bird nature recordings, like thunderstorms, wild animal noises, etc.

7)  More audio quizzes!

8)  More "similar songs compared"

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